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Grounded works with farmers to develop regenerative businesses. These businesses establish a healthier and more profitable balance between nature and agriculture, while shortening the value chain between producers and consumers.


Around a third of the world’s agricultural land is degraded and this degradation is increasing rapidly. Agriculture is the largest cause of this growing problem. Unsustainable practices such as overgrazing, over-fertilisation and slash-and-burn agriculture have an adverse effect on farmers everywhere. As the productivity of arable land declines, farmers suffer the consequences through reduced yields. They often have no real means to change the situation because of limited access to finance, alternative markets and methodologies.


Grounded partners with farmers to address their most pressing problems head-on. We work with them to explore and develop sustainable agricultural models that are markedly more sustainable and more profitable. Through a thoroughly holistic approach we systematically develop landscape-scale businesses that produce higher yields while simultaneously having a lower impact on the environment. In so doing we support and foster the mass restoration of nature and degraded farmland across sub-Saharan Africa.


We believe that healthy foods come from healthy soils. That’s why we work together with our farmers to improve the quality of their soils by using the best possible combinations of natural and manmade techniques. We focus on developing and cultivating high-value crops which can be processed on the landscape, thus shortening the value-chain while maximising the value for the farmer.