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Our dried honeybush is regeneratively farmed and sustainably wild harvested in the Langkloof. This ingredient is produced for the natural extracts markets, and can be further processed into additives for food, cosmetics, nutra-ceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

Wild harvested honeybush

Dried honeybush

Our honeybush grows in the Langkloof region of South Africa, where we both sustainably harvest wild honeybush from the mountains, and successfully cultivate it on farmlands. Honeybush extracts have powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial activity, and are a popular additive in ready-to-drink products, cosmetics, nutra-ceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

ORIGIN: Langkloof, South Africa
PLANT PART: Flowers & leaves
DESCRIPTION: Honeybush grows naturally in the Langkloof and is suitable for cultivation production
USAGE: The phenolic compound extracts; Hesperidin and Mangiferin have shown have antioxidant and antimicrobial activity and are a popular additive in ready-to- drink products, cosmetics, nutra-ceuticals and pharmaceutical products
LANDSCAPE CONTRIBUTION: Restoring degraded lands by sustainably cultivating honeybush prevents overharvesting of wild honeybush stocks
PRODUCED BY: Langkloof Honeybush Co

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How it’s grown

Farming with nature

Honeybush is harvested by farmers in the Langkloof Valley who collaborate with the Langkloof Honeybush Company. Though they are not yet organically certified, crops are grown using organic farming techniques and never sprayed with pesticides.

Wild harvesting guidelines

Our wild honeybush is harvested in full compliance with sustainable wild harvesting guidelines. Harvesters only target the mature plants to ensure minimal impact, while also clearing invasive alien species on the plot where they work.