Baviaanskloof Landscape

Baviaanskloof Devco

It is in the Baviaanskloof where Grounded’s journey started.


The Baviaanskloof is a remote and breathtaking landscape. A drive into the area is an immersion into wide and wild nature; many of the plants here occur nowhere else on the planet. It is also home to a very special community of people, whom we have been fortunate to work alongside in the common dream of landscape restoration,sharing many failures, set-backs and plenty of braais along the way.

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The Langkloof is situated along the R62, a scenic route in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This is a geographically varied region, inhabited by diverse communities who either live in small towns, or tucked away along winding dirt roads. Grounded was introduced to the region by our partner-NGO, Living Lands, who identified it as a critical ecosystem for its importance as a catchment area, supplying the downstream city of Port Elizabeth with water.

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Langkloof Landscape

The Langkloof Honeybush Company

Sustainable harvesting and regenerative cultivation of honeybush.

Simalaha Landscape, Zambia

The Simalaha Wildlife Corridor

The Simalaha Incubator Farm Company” Development of a regenerative farm, where spices and vegetables are grown to sell in local and international markets.


The Simalaha is a wildlife corridor connecting the Chobe and Kafue protected areas between Botswana and southern Zambia. Elephants once roamed freely in this area, but wildlife has now largely disappeared. Efforts to restore a corridor for animals to migrate across borders again are underway. Meanwhile, the farmers living next to the corridor are struggling. Because of the poor soils and variable rainfall, they have often resorted to quick-fix agricultural tactics like slash-and-burn, putting greater pressure on the forests and the wildlife.

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