Langkloof, South Africa

Home to several indigenous honeybush species

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Sustainable harvesting and regenerative cultivation of honeybush

The Langkloof is situated along the R62, a scenic route in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This is a geographically varied region, inhabited by diverse communities who either live in small towns, or tucked away along winding dirt roads. Grounded was introduced to the region by our partner-NGO, Living Lands, who identified it as a critical ecosystem for its importance as a catchment area, supplying the downstream city of Port Elizabeth with water.

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The area is a locus for apple farming in South Africa, a crop that requires heavy irrigation. It is also rich in biodiversity, home to several indigenous honeybush species. Although honeybush is currently threatened by extinction because of overharvesting, when gathered correctly, it is an interesting alternative to water-taxing apple farming. Honeybush can be processed into a tasty and healthy herbal tea, or into extracts used in food or cosmetics.

We decided to work together with a group of farmers, harvesters, and Living Lands, to create a company that would promote the sustainable harvesting and regenerative cultivation of honeybush. The Langkloof Honeybush Company was established in 2018 and is now working hard to get these fantastic teas and products to market. This is not without its challenges, but the team is dedicated to creating a high quality product that contributes significantly to water-secure farming methods, and protects the critical biodiversity in this area.

Honeybush in Langkloof
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Honeybush tea

We provide both ‘single origin’ as well as carefully selected blends of honeybush tea. The caffeine-free tea produced by fermenting these species has a sweet honey flavour and several health-promoting properties, thanks to antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds.

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Dried honeybush

Honeybush extracts have powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial activity, and are a popular additive in ready-to-drink products, cosmetics, nutra-ceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

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