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Grounded was established under the name “Four Returns” in 2014, with Commonland as our founding partner. Commonland is a globally focused landscape restoration organisation, which aims to rehabilitate degraded landscapes and rejuvenate communities, through a replicable approach with four returns.
Grounded now acts as a separate legal entity, independent from Commonland, focusing specifically on developing businesses with farmers. We continue to work very closely together on different projects, and Grounded adopts the Four Returns philosophy in the design and development of Landscape Business Plans.

Grounded believes working together is much better than constantly trying to re-invent the wheel. In different projects, we have established partnerships in different ways. There is no fixed recipe and we try to adapt to different situations. We focus on building strong relationships with all our partners, including our investors.

We are determined to support local stakeholders by developing their vision for their landscapes, to fully commit to that vision and develop new businesses that support that vision.

The complexity of the work we do requires us to be adaptable to different landscapes, situations and changing priorities.
We work honestly. We strive towards building trust-based relationships based on mutual respect.
We work in difficult environments. Without the courage to try, we will never move towards action.
We know that we are reliant on others to undertake our work. And we admit that we make mistakes.
We are open towards new ideas and are not rigid in our approach. We share what we learn so others can benefit from it.
We seek balance and a fair share for all parties involved in our businesses.